2021 Top 50 Websites Worldwide

To give context to the list, for brevity we have selected some of the top 50 most visited websites in the world based on monthly traffic. The websites are ordered by page weight.

For the purpose of quantifying potential data transfer savings, let's assume the weight of a webpage should be a very reasonable size of 1MB. We are not saying these websites are bad or doing anything wrong! We are merely showing a potential outcome if there were optimizations made.

KB = Kilobytes, MB = Megabytes, M = million, TB = Terabytes (each Terabyte = 1,024 GB)
NameHome Page WeightDaily TrafficPotential Daily Savings (TB)
zoom.us10.31 MB90.0M818.47
pinterest.com5.19 MB43.3M177.39
cnn.com5.18 MB40.0M163.22
naver.com3.65 MB50.0M129.33
www.office.com3.42 MB56.0M132.13
discord.com3.41 MB40.0M94.25
live.com2.10 MB83.3M89.20
netflix.com1.91 MB80.0M70.93
reddit.com1.87 MB53.3M45.06
twitter.com1.80 MB220.0M172.02
amazon.com1.77 MB99.3M74.54
tiktok.com1.76 MB22.1M16.41
instagram.com1.75 MB203.3M148.18
aliexpress.com1.69 MB20.4M13.78
globo.com1.67 MB33.3M21.78
ebay.com1.55 MB31.9M17.23
xnxx.com1.49 MB96.7M45.87
pornhub.com1.42 MB110.0M44.79
bilibili.com1.27 MB22.9M6.12
bing.com1.12 MB33.3M3.84
xvideos.com1.02 MB113.3M2.36
paypal.com986.51 KB21.9M0
microsoft.com959.77 KB36.7M0
baidu.com953.19 KB186.7M0
youtube.com903.36 KB1153.3M0
msn.com882.19 KB29.5M0
whatsapp.com819.73 KB103.3M0
www.yahoo.com795.58 KB126.7M0
qq.com466.08 KB32.7M0
linkedin.com381.85 KB40.0M0
duckduckgo.com370.18 KB27.3M0
facebook.com349.03 KB850.0M0
walmart.com269.13 KB24.0M0
Traffic Data Source: The World's Top 50 Websites
Page Weight Metrics calculated using Lighthouse on December 10, 2021
We can do better.
We've only looked at a handful of websites and these are crude numbers but for illustrative purposes, if we extrapolate further to the millions of high traffic websites worldwide, you can easily recognize there is a massive potential for energy savings here if we just care a little.